Thursday, November 29, 2007

Optimus Maximus New Everyday Low Prices

We now have four differently priced configurations.

Beginner's kit with one active OLED space-bar (really useful to display the language used) is ~460 US$.

Advanced user's kit with 10 left-side OLED keys sells for 599 US$.

Pro user's keyboard with 47 active keys is just 999 US$.

And a superman's keyboard with all the 113 keys having OLEDs is 1564 US$, just as it has been.

Those who choose any of the configurations with passive keys (passive = without any display inside) will be able to upgrade at anytime to the active keys.

Single and 10-pack OLED sets will be available for pre-order soon. We'll have to spend some time with a calculator to figure out the best offerings. On average, one OLED key will sell for around 15 US$.

You're welcome to visit our store: where all configurations are available for immediate purchase.

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